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Writing is another facet of how I love to express creativity.

I have been writing for many years as a tool to help me tap into my intuition and explore my subconscious mind.

Writing has helped me to trust my inner guidance and strengthens the connection to my Higher Self. This is where creativity, inspiration, and ideas flow. 

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Superconscious Yantra

Posted on November 2, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Greetings Reader!

I’m thrilled to share this journey of the creation of the ‘Superconscious Yantra’ with you. It has been a 3 month TRIP that has literally changed my life. I always learn so much and receive so much healing through my paintings, but none as transformative as this, and that’s really saying something, trust me! This painting is soooooo powerful, I cannot even imagine how I am going to convey some of the insights here BUT, I am definitely going to do my very best, with the help of my higher self and my guides.

Why Superconscious Yantra? Well, while the conscious and subconscious aspects of our mind are aligned with our physical vessel, the superconscious mind is super physical, so in other words it exists at a level extending beyond time and space.

I compare humans to computers a lot, and it's not meant in a cold robotic way, it is meant in a way that expresses how complex and intelligent we are. Basically, the superconscious is just like the internet, it allows us to connect to every other computer in the world, and the people using those computers. In a nutshell, through the superconscious we are able to connect to every other mind on the planet.

Connecting to our superconscious opens up much wider doorways than just linking to other minds. It is also that aspect of our being that exists before we were born and survives our death - some also call this aspect the higher self. It is pure consciousness.

The word yantra is an ancient Indian Sankrit word that means "support" and "instrument". A Yantra is a geometric design acting as a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. Yantras carry spiritual significance that activate higher levels of consciousness. It is a focusing point and an outer and inner portal.

As I had began to receive the visions for this superconscious yantra painting, I realized very quickly that this geometric pattern had been given to me a very long time ago, in fact, I was 15 years old. Allow me to elaborate….. (you may wanna grab a cuppa tea before you read on).

At 15, I had a strange experience (among several that I later uncovered) where I lost time, that freaked me out so much that I completely repressed it for many years. Then, in my early 30’s, the missing time popped up in my mind and it really started to bother me, especially because of all that I could recall was highly strange.

I remembered being in one place early evening with friends, around 6pm, and the next thing I remember is being about 3 minutes from where I last remembered, but it was 5am in the morning and none of my friends were around, and I was at least 3 miles from home, which I had to walk. I never said anything to anyone and none of my friends ever said anything to me. I was truly freaked out. I had a whole night that I could not recall a thing that happened, only the start and the end, and nothing at all in between.

As this memory started emerging, I was still not able to fill in the time, and it played on my mind more and more and more until I was literally thinking about it as I awoke and before I fell asleep every day. At this point, I started to look for a hypnotherapist who could possibly regress me back to that time and help me fill in the blanks. I have to be honest, I thought maybe I got abused or saw something terrible. I did know I needed to find out whatever it was, but nothing prepared me for what that first hypnotherapy session revealed.

Basically, it revealed that I had an ‘experience’ where I was ‘taken’. I saw the light in the sky and then I was inside of somewhere that did not feel man made. This experience was actually pretty traumatic and did not start well. I have not processed it, but I will share that it ended with a Blue Lady ‘saving’ me just at the right time. She literally picked me up with such strength and ‘took’ me to an Arcturian 5th dimensional civilization. She said that we had ‘a new earth’ and was showing me a lot of technology and geometry that I didn’t understand, and still to this day I don’t understand all of it. It has taken years for me to put together and integrate some of what she shared that first time (20 years ago now). Since that first hypnotherapy session, it has been like putting a puzzle together. Pieces are given to me sporadically, one at a time.

After the first hypnotherapy session, revealing this highly strange, scary, exciting, potentially paradigm changing and extremely elaborate story, I struggled to accept it. I dismissed it, blaming my mind and imagination for going cuckoo bat poop crazy. I couldn’t understand why I had said that whole story. I thought I’d lost my mind.

Within weeks, I sat for a reading/healing session with a friend, who knew nothing of the blue lady, but she painted her for me. All the time she was talking, I didn’t know what she was painting, until the end when she revealed her. I definitely began to entertain the existence of the blue lady and the hypnotherapy session I had. There was no way this friend could ever know about the blue lady, I’d barely shared it with my husband.

Painting below by Angel Divinity - Painting above by Genevieve McGee

Months after the blue lady painting, I began reading a new book by Graham Hancock called ‘Entangled’. It was about parallel worlds, and this space in a dimension in between, where two women would interact with a wise blue lady! It almost felt instructional as I read it. The day I finished the book, another painting of a blue women was gifted to me from a different friend who again had no idea what this blue lady meant to me. At this point, everything started to become very real for me and more and more synchronistic.

Some more time passed whilst I continued to integrate this information and began to entertain the idea of UFO’s, Galactic civilizations, higher dimensional Beings and the possibility to even more life and consciousness that I had imagined. I began to read and listen to people's ‘experiences’ and the synchronicities and congruences were beyond me being able to dismiss! I followed some kind of invisible trail that connected everything I looked at. I felt guided in my studies allot of the time. I was shown the good and the bad.

A transitional point was when I began to read Patricia Pereria’s books ‘Songs of the Arcturians’ and I began to see orbs with my naked eyes. There were 5 books in Patricia’s series, and as I read each word, I felt myself becoming activated. I felt new un-human energies reaching out to me that were not nature spirits that I had experience with.

All of this revealing happened to me in 2011, and by 2012 I was getting messages and visits from all kinds of different Beings who were operating at a higher level of consciousness, and they began to share their knowledge and healing with me.

They did a major activation with me on 11-11-12 when I went to Glastonbury Tor and made the pilgrimage to the top. For those who don’t know, Glastonbury is the heart chakra of the Earth. I felt my chest ache, stretch, expand and open as soon as we reached Stonehenge. When I reached the top of the Tor, the veil between worlds was thin and I received a download of information that brought me to my knees, literally. I was in bed for 6 weeks after that recovering as my base chakra and heart chakras were completely re-collaborated.

Above - Glastonbury Tor 11-11-12

The Blue Lady is my protector and an Ambassador of Light. I don’t know where she is from, nowhere and everywhere. I do believe she saved my life, she always has my highest good in mind, and she makes me feel like I am an important Light here on Earth with an important mission. She gives me healing codes in the form of geometric patterns, and wishes for me to share them with as many people as possible.

So, the Superconscious Yantra painting that you see here is a very powerful code that I have been carrying with me for a long time, 20 years to be exact. I feel excited to share it and to get this information out to you. This is more than just code. When the blue lady showed me this, it was lit up, 3D and you could interact with it. It is a technology that acts as a portal to higher consciousness enabling us to tap into our Superconscious, Supermind, Meta Mind, but this will not happen for everyone. This technology is only for those of good intentions and those who are ready to open their hearts to love further than they have ever done in the past. There are several realizations that must be made before this Superconscious Yantra will truly interact with your consciousness. It may be that the Superconscious Yantra will activate these realizations before it goes further with you.

These realizations are as follows:

Acceptance of your death - Realization that consciousness lives on long after the body. Birth and Death are part of the cycle of life, but you are eternal and will live on after your death.

Faith of the support you have in the unseen realms - Realization that higher dimensions are not perceived by the physical eyes.

Viewing the ego without judgement - Realization that the mind is a powerful tool. You have practiced non-attachment and are on your way to greater understanding of how to work with your mind.

Forgiveness and compassion - Realization of unconditional heart centered living.

It’s not about ME, it’s about WE - Realization that life is interconnected, I am you and you are me. Community, cooperation and collaboration is positive creative energy for manifestations greater than can be imagined alone.

No belief in loss or gain, good or bad, positive or negative - Realization that life is balance. Everything is in divine order.

Acceptance of your Divinity - Realization of the Divine in you that resides within all living Beings.

As always my paintings activate healing within us, maybe even me most of all? Working on this piece took months and months and months of focus. I do believe it’s taken me to another level completely, but only after it took me for a long journey. When I got a few weeks into the painting, my body began to give out. I have some back issues, and holding the painting positions for so many hours every day, was really taking a toll on my body. I started to receive messages about getting stronger and more flexible.

In sync, at this time a friend had mentioned doing yoga, and immediately I thought about the yoga studio around the corner from me that I had looked at when I first moved to the house I am in. I knew it was time to start making my body stronger because the messages that were coming through were something like, ‘’You can make it through this painting in pain. You can make it through the next painting in pain, but you are training your body to do this, you are training your body to be in these rigid positions. If you want to paint for the rest of your life, and stay on this journey, you need to do yoga’’. Yeah, it was intense and pretty clear that my painting career kinda depended on this choice. I also kept receiving a vision I had seen when I saw someone in a past life, she was hand weaving rugs and blankets, bent over, crunched down most of her life. When she got old, her body basically stayed in that shape, her back completely hunched, she couldn't move her neck and her hands were ridged with arthritis. She was in a lot of pain and brought it into her next life. I did not want to do this to myself.

I’ve worked on my mind and spirit for many years now. Pain in my body was the reason I began this journey. When I did plant medicine in 2015, I saw that I was ready to move beyond the pain and was ready to create a new alignment with my mind, body and spirit.

So, for the last two years leading up to yoga, I have made lots of small adjustments that have added up. I worked on nourishing my body with mainly a raw food diet, cutting out chemicals in my kitchen and the rest of my home, and creating new healthier habits of what goes into my body. I made this choice over and over again purely out of love, respect and gratitude for the body I have.

Yoga seemed like a logical next step for a person who wants mind, body and soul alignment. So, my buddy and I began our Yogi journey together at the studio down the road from my house……

The studio that I do yoga in offers a range of different styles of yoga, so I began with Arieal yoga and a standard beginner yoga. I have since then done slow flow vinyasa and restorative. I started to notice my energy more as I began getting used to the names of the poses and not having to look up at the poses as much. I really was then able to focus on my breath, being in a meditative state, and able to observe my energy with greater ease. I began to observe, feel and experience that every yoga pose was tapping into certain points of my energy field, and with that I saw the geometry of it! I kept feeling loads of triangles. At first, I put that down to the painting I was doing. Seeing triangles everywhere anyway.

My 3rd arieal yoga class was pretty amazing. I believe I experienced Ananda (bliss). There I was, hanging upside down, one leg wrapped around my swing and the other down and pulled behind my back with both of my hands. I could really feel my chest expanding and my back in pain, it was uncomfortable but I made the choice to let go, and I really went into meditative mindset and focussed on my breathing until I began to sense and feel the subtle energy around me pulling at different places in my energy field. I could feel the energy from the top of my foot that was wrapped around the swing, to the energy of the foot that was bent behind me, was connected and because I was in this position I was creating a right angle triangle. I could feel the pull of energy at each tip of the triangle gently suspending me. As I let go more, I felt the weight of my body leave me and could only feel the pull of the triangle. My eyes were closed but my inner eye revealed me as this triangle just floating around in space, weightless and carried/supported by an unseen current.

At this point, I’m like, Ok, there has to be something to do with the triangles and yoga. I know we all have a Merkaba and I wondered if this was what I was sensing! So, I began to do a little research…..

‘’There is a certain geometry to the physical existence and to the energy existence. Everything in the universe, from the atomic to the cosmic, works the way it does because of geometric perfection. One of the most fundamental and the most stable forms in geometry is a triangle. In the human energy system, there are two equilateral triangles – an upward-pointing one below, and a downward-pointing one above. Normally, these two triangles meet just above the anahata. To work with your mind and imagination, it is important to adjust the alignment of the two triangles at least to some extent. The ideal alignment would be that the upward-pointing and the downward-pointing triangles intersect to such an extent that they form a perfect six-pointed star with six equilateral triangles on the outside.

With the necessary alignment, you will be able to exercise your imagination in such a way that you can manifest what you want outside of you. To enhance the power of your imagination, you need to lift the upward-pointing triangle, which in terms of the geometry of the body is the foundation, to such an extent that it includes the vishuddhi, which is the basis of your imagination. There is sadhana to move it up and hold it there, all the time’’. - Sadhguru

All of the poses that we can achieve in Yoga go way beyond just the physical. Every posture has been organised according the Sacred Geometry which exist within our Universe and ourselves, bringing with it alignment inside and outside of the posture.

Truly being able to feel and perceive the geometry in myself is giving me a much better understanding of how to work with others in my Reiki healing sessions, activating my healing abilities even more. Learning how to turn squares of energy into triangles, triangles into pyramids, and pyramids into power stations, and power stations into invitations to a higher vibrational frequency of resonance. As if my life wasn’t already full of geometry! It’s literally everywhere now and in everything I am doing.

I feel true alignment taking place within my mind, body and spirit as a result of connecting to this superconscious yantra technology.

“The number three is signified in the yantra system by the shape of a triangle. The three points forming the angles of the triangle stand for any number of trinities, such as beginning, middle, and end; subject, object, and means of knowing; Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; past, present, and future; earth, sky, and heaven; or doer, action, and means of performing action.

Among the most important of the yogic trinities are the three gunas—the three qualities or “strands” out of which the universe is woven and which permeate every aspect of manifest reality. They have the Sanskrit names sattva (light), rajas (motion), and tamas (darkness), and they interact with one another to create endless permutations which are the limitless forms of matter and mind. For example, the human personality consists of a body (the tamasic element of the personality), internal energies (the rajasic element of the personality), and a mind (the sattvic element of the personality), while temporary states of mind can be tamasic (slothful, lazy), rajasic (full of desire and agitation), or sattvic (poised, tranquil, balanced). And so it is with everything.

The power of creation whose nature embodies these three qualities is termed Shakti (power, energy). Her consort, pure consciousness, is called Shiva (auspicious, benevolent). But Shiva and Shakti are inherently one, like fire and light. Their relationship is sometimes symbolized by placing a point (Shiva) within a triangle (Shakti). It is the union of these two principles that permeates all of creation in the form of a deep and lasting joy.

Triangles that point downward represent divine grace. They also represent soma, food for the fires of life. Triangles may point upward or downward. Those pointing upward indicate rising energy and upward movement in the human body. They represent aspiration and effort. They also represent fire because they resemble the ascending shapes of flames. Triangles that point downward represent divine grace. They also represent soma, food for the fires of life. At the heart center, these triangles coalesce in the form of two interlaced triangles, the upward-facing triangle related to Shiva, and the downward-pointing triangle of Shakti (filled with benevolent grace)”. - Yoga International

Every shape in this painting emits a very specific frequency and energy pattern. The dots are an intense localized concentration of energy. They radiate their energy out into other forms.

The process of RESONANCE is established by mental focus on the Superconscious Yantra painting. The owner of this Superconscious Yantra painting will need to do the following to activate resonance:

Sit for meditation, crossed legged in front of your painting, with eyes open.

When you sit for meditation cross-legged, you can see triangular shapes in your own body. The two knees and the base of the spine create a triangular base, and the whole body forms an upward-pointing triangle as well.

Visualize your spine as a central axis, balanced from bottom to top.

Put both of your hands in prayer position and hold in front of your heart centre.

Begin to relax your gaze and stare into the Superconscious Yantra.

Move into deep diaphragmatic breaths (pushing your abdomen out with the in-breath and pulling the abdomen into the base of your spine on the out-breath).

Relax your body, and let your breath cleanse and then nourish you as it flows in and out.

Maintaining your gaze on the painting.

Sit in this meditative state for at least 15-30 minutes

NOTE: Try this for 7 consecutive days for best results and then as often as needed afterwards. You are encouraged to also activate resonance under black light as well, as it will shift the energy significantly allowing for easier access to Superconsciousness.

When your mind, body and spirit alignment takes place, you will discover and live your divine life purpose. While physical alignment will support our body, aligning our mind with our heart is the key. How can we tell when our mind and heart are not in alignment? We will feel it as resistance physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/or energetically.

Resistance is the gap between what our mind thinks and what our heart knows. The bigger the gap means the more out of alignment the mind is with the heart, and the more resistance there is. Resistance can show up as sabotaging behaviors like procrastination, non-action, laziness or restlessness. It can show up emotionally, or mentally as irritability, frustration, boredom, doubt, fear, confusion or uncertainty. When resistance shows up in our spiritual body, we feel stuck, held back, or the Universe puts up roadblocks by closing doors on us. In whichever way the resistance shows up, it always influences the physical body.

As you begin to build your connection to your superconscious mind, you will learn that it holds the blueprint for all that we have set out to achieve in our current lifetime. The superconscious is also our pathway to knowledge about all our past incarnations, as well as probable future incarnations.

By becoming superconscious, we can gain insight into aspects of ourselves that we need to develop to become more balanced and effective in our lives. We begin to find ourselves making adjustments in the ways you think, feel and behave knowing that in doing so we can create a much more positive future for ourselves and others.

The superconscious mind encompasses a level of awareness that sees both material reality and also the energy and consciousness behind that reality.

As we go deeper with our meditation and experience a deepening peace, calmness, divine love, and even bliss, then we are experiencing deeper levels of the superconscious. The superconscious is where true creativity is found. The superconscious is where ideas for truly great works of art, music, prose, poetry, great scientific discoveries, and deep spiritual experiences are found.

Paramhansa Yogananda said that, “Thoughts are universally, not individually, rooted.” This means that as we elevate our consciousness and access the superconscious, we are accessing the thoughts that live on that level of consciousness. These thoughts don’t belong to us, but are universally available to those who live more on that level of consciousness.

There are superconscious dreams that you may begin to experience after resonance has taken place, these dreams will have an uplifting and life-changing effect on you, and will feel quite different from the usual dreams you may have.

When you are superconscious, a mind, body and spirit alignment takes place. You are a multi-dimensional Being. You are so much more than just a physical being. Aspects of You actually exist in ten different dimensions (dimensions 3 to 10 can be accessed through your Subconscious Yantra painting).

You have your physical body, which exists in the 3rd dimension, your mind exists in the 4th dimension, and your spirit exists in the 5th dimension and beyond. There is a communication loop between these three aspects.

You will feel a very strong connection to this painting, if it is meant for you. This painting is infused with knowledge and healing that is not limited to being a one time experience. It will continue working with you as long as you have it. It will act as a portal for the healing energies you need to come through, so I encourage you to connect with it often.

As you connect and build resonance, you are activated to shift vibration to a higher octave than before. This vibration is strengthened by the healing energies that are energetically woven into this painting.

The combination of the black light and the painting allows you to shift into the ultraviolet energy frequency. Under the influence of these rays, everything takes on a different dimension. It creates a very magical healing environment. I definitely feel an extreme balancing aspect to the black light paintings that I create. They have a day/night energy. Yin/Yang. Masculine/feminine. left-brain and right-brain functions.


24x48 inch canvas - Mixed media (matte acrylic paints, neon uv active, gold leaf, silver leaf) - Smudged with sage, holy wood and frankincense

Available for Exhibit and/or Purchase - please contact [email protected]

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