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Writing is another facet of how I love to express creativity.

I have been writing for many years as a tool to help me tap into my intuition and explore my subconscious mind.

Writing has helped me to trust my inner guidance and strengthens the connection to my Higher Self. This is where creativity, inspiration, and ideas flow. 

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Mimosa Journey - Circle 1

Posted on March 10, 2022 at 8:40 AM

For the month of November 2021 myself and an intimate circle of people have been taking mimosa flower tincture and meeting in zoom each week to integrate what the mimosa spirit is bringing up in our world, body, heart, mind and spirit.

In the first week mimosa was really uplifting. She connected me to my inner child and we focused on many things that made me happy. Her energy was light, etheric, innocent, playful, creative and filled with joy.


During the first week I got to replay many childhood stories and gave time to reparent my inner child, my little one.


I even Remembered my Just William audio book that was narrated by Kenneth Williams. This was my feel good childhood bedtime story that I used to listen to on cassette tape every night for many years! Listening to it again 30 years later still brought contentment, joy and giggles to me.


Many of us were feeling mimosa prompts in the first week where she was reminding us to take our tincture.


Our first mimosa zoom circle was wonderful as we had Sacred Wild Woman with us and I was grateful for her contributions and for her sharing her plant wisdom and inviting us to get in tune with the subtle energies of nature.


As I moved into week two I began to identify ways in which I was blocking my own happiness. Mimosa was showing me so many opportunities where I could choose to be happy. I feel like many of us are guilty of this. We place other people's needs over our own and it becomes easier and easier to do. Unfortunately when you do that so much you end up negating big needs of your own to include what makes YOU happy!

I am allowed to be happy! This little one inside of me wants to be happy. She wants to be heard and she does have needs. Little one knows what will make her happy and in the past her needs were not met so she makes assumptions and doesn't speak. Now with conscious awareness I can choose to meet her where I am at right here and now as grown up, adult Frankey and we can make choices together.


The choice of happiness became so clear.


During the week two circle, Jackie brought Bat medicine to our attention and we all began to receive the Adulthood Rite.


Side Note: Jackie and I have worked with inner child wounds together for several years. A while back in conversation she said to me ‘’what would your adult self do’’ and it woke me up to the fact that I was living as a child in many situations. I began a journey of reparenting myself.


So, in our circle Jackie brought it to us that bat was highlighting to us that many times we still react/respond to life/people/situations/stories from our childhood traumas/wounds/stories/programming. We became conscious of this.


The late and great Louise Hay said that many of us are children walking around in adult bodies. We haven’t connected with the inner child so we still live from a place of our wounding and trauma. That always sat truthfully with me.


Childhood does not end just because our bodies have grown into adults. Being a child can psychologically continue through your life well into old age.


I believe that as we stepped into adulthood we released many of our childhood fears and misperceptions. This has enabled us to step into our power and gifts as joyful adult Beings.


Being an adult does not negate our little one. And just because we are grown up does not mean we can't be innocent and still have fun! I really got an opportunity to redefine what adulthood really means for me and how I wish to conduct myself. I don’t have to be like my mother, grandmothers or any other ‘older person’. I am going to be like me.


I want to just note here also that the first two weeks I felt physical symptoms. I was having terrible problems digesting my food. Lots of stomach cramps and time in the bathroom (sorry TMI).


I do have IBS, several food intolerances and in addition to this I still struggle with sugar and caffeine addiction. I felt mimosa highlighted my diet big time. OUCH!


As we moved into week 3 my physical body began to purge. This also was a week of a full moon eclipse!


I visited the mimosa tree and she literally had no green on her. She had a few seed pods hanging like ornaments but during the full moon eclipse week she dropped all that was no longer serving her.


I felt that too. A cleansing, purging, clearing, purifying, detoxing and releasing energy running through me. Mentally. Physically. Spiritually.


I literally had 3 fire pits that week! I usually have them once a month on a full moon! The need for the fire energy all week was so strong and it really helped me release.


Interestingly, Jackie saw her acupuncturist who said that mimosa gives the lining of the large intestines a good deep scrubbing! A serious cleanse of all the really deeply ingrained emotions of sadness and grief. It really made sense of my physical challenges of the last few weeks.


I felt myself processing sadness and disappointment quite a bit and at the most perfect time I saw a facebook friend write a status that really simplified and summed up what I was experiencing.


‘’Experiencing sadness and disappointment does not indicate deficiencies of joy and abundance, it’s how our heart releases patterns of attachment when experiencing the reality of what is. Every time we experience sadness or disappointment, it is our opportunity to release deeper layers of what is no longer serving us and clear space for what all our life experiences have prepared us to receive. Sadness and disappointment are the death of attachment and expectation and clears the way for what our soul is calling forth’’. - Diana Devesse Marraccini


My narrative around sadness and disappointment is what steals my joy. I have been practicing allowing myself to FEEL those feelings that the stories are protecting.


I AM Sad.


I AM disappointed.


I feel that because that's what's arising in me in that moment.


I allow those feelings to flow like a river and I do not attach, feed into or identify with any narrative that the mind wishes to discuss.


I allow it. I witnessed it. I feel it.


Nothing else.


I have witnessed in myself that when I allow myself to feel sad or disappointed I am able to articulate and better express those feelings in a constructive way.


When I focus on what I am feeling and not why I think I am feeling it. The communication becomes very clear.


The final week, week 4 with mimosa plant spirit was just phenomenal for me.


Firstly, I will say that I did not feel drawn to take the mimosa tincture anymore. I did not question that. I simply acknowledged that I am already carrying her medicine. We are connected and I can call on her any time I like.


This week was the first time I felt that I was an adult. That sounds so crazy but I am dead serious! I am 40 years old and just now embracing exactly where I am. Right here. Right Now.


The child and the adult within are very clear.


A great sense and feeling of wholeness.


The adult and child coming together as ONE.


A great sense of recognition and contentment in my life in all areas.


On Saturday night which was the night before our final mimosa circle I went to bed feeling soul nourished and happy. I had such a fulfilling day. Fulfilling my needs and seeing how easy it is to be of service to others when my cup is full brought intense feelings of joy and contentment.


I can see how the more I step into adulthood and honor my needs the more happiness I can invite into my life.


As my cup fills it becomes so easy and effortless to pour into others.


Happiness is contagious! Its effect can spread like a pink fluffy wildfire! I can see how my happiness has a huge impact on the people around me.


Happiness is always available and I find that the beauty and tranquility of nature is a constant reminder of that happiness.


Finally, simultaneously this month I am creating a mystery school for my Sacred Feminine Priestess Path and as I got to the teaching on ‘Beauty’ I froze. I began to observe my blockages and beliefs around my own beauty.


I feel like my lack of recognition of my own Light was definitely blocking happiness.


I mention this because I feel like mimosa has been the most perfect medicine for this energetic blockage around beauty. Her timing was divine. She has been awakening me gently all month to the Light I bring, the Light I AM and has helped me with letting go of my preconceived ideas around beauty.


I’m in awe of this journey. It has been memorable and I most certainly feel a friend in mimosa. She has gently and gracefully walked with me from childhood into adulthood.


Nature truly has all the remedies for my soul.


I thank the Spirit of Mimosa for her Light, Love, Wisdom and Energy.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

''My Mimosa journey with Frankey was subtle but powerful. In my journey, I experienced signs and a feeling of healing deep childhood wounds and finally stepping into adulthood. I released some painful childhood energy and have felt more happy and present in the moment since. I loved being able to partake in a plant spirit medicine journey from the privacy of my own home. I feel we went deeper into the experience since it lasted a month. It was lovely to connect every week and share our experiences. I highly recommend partaking in a Mimosa journey, especially if you suffer from childhood pain and trauma. I’m grateful to Frankey for facilitating such a wonderful healing journey''.- Jackie, North Carolina, USA -

''This was my first plant medicine experience, so I had no idea what to expect? Looking back on it now, I'm glad it was for a whole month. Every week was different, as if the mimosa had its own design for me? We were asked to stop what we were doing 3 times a day, take a deep conscious breath in and out, and place 3 drops of the mimosa tincture under our tongues. I set the alarms on my phone to 11:11am, 2:22pm, and 5:55pm to remind me, and by the last week I could feel the plant energy telling me, "'s time to breath into the present moment now, Tim", all on its own without having any idea what time it was. Her energy (mimosa) is hard to explain. I think I expected to feel something every time I took the tincture, but it wasn't like that. It was very retrospective for me, and so I'm beyond grateful Frankey met with us in a circle at the end of each week to reflect. All of us were having a unique and completely separate journey with mimosa and for me, it was like I would look back at the previous week and clearly see/feel the difference being one with nature was making in my choices and decisions, in my reactions and responses to circumstances and people around me, in the difference stopping in my tracks 3 times a day and being one with the present moment and my breathing was creating in my joy, and peace, and happiness, and most of all with the bigger-than-life mimosa energy, love, and light that has now become a living, breathing part of my forever DNA! This experience has actually changed my life, but in a way whereas I'm not different now, I'm just better? I would highly recommend this journey to anyone feeling as if they've gone about as far as they can go alone, and wants to experience true, authentic, love and joy through mother nature and her plants. I most certainly will be signing up for the next one Frankey does! I give her 5+ stars as a guide, teacher, narrator, interpreter, and spiritual leader!''. - Tim, North Carolina, USA -

Mimosa Medicine Journey


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