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Writing is another facet of how I love to express creativity.

I have been writing for many years as a tool to help me tap into my intuition and explore my subconscious mind.

Writing has helped me to trust my inner guidance and strengthens the connection to my Higher Self. This is where creativity, inspiration, and ideas flow. 

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Facing the Fear

Posted on March 11, 2022 at 12:40 AM

Acceptance is something I kept circling around in February. Accepting thoughts, accepting feelings, accepting circumstances, accepting others, accepting myself, the list goes on and on. ACCEPT.

I had a conversation with my husband about my trip to Little Switzerland, NC. This location is 3500ft elevation in the Blue Ridge mountains and the week that I spent there with my parents was quite an experience to say the least. Just when I thought driving off road through massive big dipper style sand dunes in Outerbanks was WILD, here comes the Blue Ridge Fog!

I have been to different parts of the Blue Ridge mountains over the last 8 years. I have traveled this mountain along North Carolina, lived in the foothills of the mountain in South Carolina and traveled the mountain in Virginia and Tennessee. I am always blown away by the different landscapes and terrains. More than half of my trips have been in the winter months so I have experienced how harsh and dangerous the mountain can be with weather conditions but never as much as this last trip.

The first day in Little Switzerland I experienced the worst fog that I have ever been in. Keep in mind that we were driving winding mountain roads, some places had no barriers and at some points the only thing we could just make out were the yellow lines in the middle of the road. I knew there was a 3500ft drop to the right of me and it was terrifying! I barely breathed the entire journey, I was in full on FEAR and I had to keep bringing myself back to the moment with conscious breaths. Inviting acceptance instead of resistance.

This tack tick got me through that drive along with my Dads ninja pigeon driving skills but the fog didn’t end there. For the week we were pretty much fogged in, like dangerously cocooned in thick dense fog that you could barely see your hand in front at times. It was wild and bizarre to observe it moving around the mountain and then head in your direction. Within 5 minutes you had no visuals outside and our cabin was engulfed. My mind wanted to create many stories about that fog. All the stories were filled with fear and suffering, the only thing I could do was take conscious breaths and make peace with each Moment. Out of Resistance into Acceptance.

So, my husband says to me ‘’how can you accept fear?, that doesn’t sound right to me’’. I explain that unfortunately acceptance has a bit of a negative connotation because it can imply to some people that you are giving up, however, I do not see acceptance in this way.

Accepting for me means that I am acknowledging What IS. I am not saying I like it. I am not saying it is OK. I am not saying it’s right. I am recognizing What IS arising right Now.

When I move into acknowledgment and recognition of What IS. I am accepting things as they are. From this space I can make choices because I am not stuck in resistance and suffering. 

If I am in resistance to What IS (things out of my control) I am suffering.

I choose not to suffer as much as I possibly/consciously can.

Fear was here, It was happening. Nothing I can do about that. Do I jump on those fearful thoughts and suffer? I was frozen in this place, Or do I use my breath to ground into my body, into the moment and accept that fear is here? When I move into that acceptance the fearful thoughts still come, however, I can witness them. I don’t feed into them, believe in them or add any layers to those narratives that keep me suffering. I honor what is arising in me. I acknowledge my fears. I observe those thoughts as I observe clouds in the sky. I witness the thoughts and I breathe deeply. I see the thoughts and I know that they are not me and they are not true. My breath anchors me into the Moment deeply and in this space I am not limited by my thoughts.

What an amazing tool a conscious breath is and how grateful I am for the Source Course teachings that bring me back to Presence and keep me accountable for the stories I create.

I was far more conscious of my thoughts during the fog and conscious of the stories my mind wanted to create about getting out when we have to check out. I did my best to detach from those thoughts and accept each moment without a story.

Leaving the mountain was wonderful. I mean truly. The sun was shining and I felt enormous gratitude for that. I feared the heights and winding roads far less and felt great respect for this majestic place.

I feel like the fog was a portal that helped me in overcoming my personal blocks. I was in another dimension of Little Switzerland, NC on the 02/02/2022 alignment and I came out the other side of FEAR.

That fog represented my fear. Things I had to face. Things that are out of my control. Things that cause me deep anxiety and suffering. I needed to look them all in the eye and I did!

What a gift I received. The opportunity to make some kind of peace and invite Presence when fear arises so strongly. I can’t say that I have been as conscious as that with thoughts of fear in the past. It was an enlightening experience and I feel really grounded and clear. ;

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