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Frankey Craig


In June 2008 I began a journey that takes me to up to present day by attending a one week course on 'Mediumship, Mysticism and Prophecy' at the Arthur Findlay College under the mentorship of Mavis Pitilla.

At the college, in a reading with Matthew Smith who was connecting with my grandfather I was told to start doing artwork based on the word 'FREEDOM'.

I had not done any art since school but when I got back home I picked up some pencils I had laying around and at first it was simply squiggles and smudges that came through.

As I began to set intentions to connect with spirit through my creativity I began to receive guidance, wisdom and healing. 

This Portfolio is a massive achieve of the journey I am still on. 

Frankey Craig


I invite you to explore my current collections and the massive achieve of work I have catalogued since 2008. 

Prints of my work are available at

If you would like to discuss a commission please email [email protected] 

Akashic Collection

Digital Collection 

Light Language Collection

Mandala Collection

Mixed Media Collection

Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Collection

Video Collection 


Arcturian Rainbow Healing Arcturian Rainbow Healing Red Ray Activation 206099862 Orange Ray Activation 206099867 Yellow Ray Activation 206099864 Green Ray Activation 206099858 Blue Ray Activation 206099866 Purple Ray Activation 206099861 Violet Ray Activation 206099860 Magenta Ray Activation 206099863 White Ray Activation 206099865 Transformation 206099859 Amplified Healing 206099868 Altered States 206099869 Council of Nine 206099870 Grounding 206099871 Shamanic Astral Travel 206099872 Mothership 206099873 Protection 206099874 Awakening 206099875 Astral 206099876 Past Life 206099877 Lightbody 206099878