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Logo Design


Want the perfect logo? I can create a unique design that fits you and your business perfectly! 

I will require some input from you before I get started. Also, if you need different formats for example; for social media, facebook covers, business cards, letterheads, banners ect please get in touch to discuss. 

Typical Logo turn around time is 7 days depending on my workload. I will give you an estimated time of completion when I have recieved your order. 

You will get 4 Revisions of your logo. This is an opportunity, not once, or twice, not even three BUT 4 times to make any changes you need to your logo. Guaranteeing you a perfect design.

Final File Format options of PSD, PNG, GIF, JPG, PDF - whatever works best for you. I will provide you with one high resolution image and one low resolution copy.

You will have 100% Ownership Rights on your logo

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