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Return of the Sun Mandala


Return of the Sun Mandala



The Sun is not only the bringer of life, but is intimately connected to our consciousness as our bodies are a reflection of the cosmos.


During sunspot activity, take notice of your emotions, health and mental well-being as these are all being affected on a deeper level. The more you become in tune with these occurrences, the more you will begin to see and understand the relationships between the sun, the cosmos and yourself.


The celestial bodies have intrigued man since the primordial times. Our ancestors observed these marvels of nature keenly and used that knowledge to try to understand and explain the working of their own lives. The Sun captivated their imagination and was considered to be the center of human existence.


This awe-inspiring heavenly object was worshiped by all the ancient civilizations for the mystical powers given to them by the Creator; the amazing phenomenon, such as eclipses, related to them; and the critical impact they have on human life. Therefore, the Sun has long been part of ritualistic and religious practices of different cultures across the world.


We evolved as a human race for millions of years under the warmth and love of the sun.


As I painted this mandala I began to hear number sequences. When I converted the numbers into music notes I could hear the sound of this mandala.


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