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Each Art of Meditation Mandala is one of a kind. 


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Sacred Journey Mandala



A beautiful hand painted mandala, on 12 x 12 inch canvas, sealed in resin for long lasting finish, signed by the artist.


Inspired by the practice of pilgrimage, a Sacred Journey is devoted to spirituality and intention.


I have been on several sacred journeys in my life. Two pilgrimages that stand out the most were a trip to Stonehenge on 12-12-12 and a trip to Pilot Mountain in North Carolina on Summer Solstice 2019. Both of these journeys were intentional and life changing.


Following the footsteps of our ancestors on this earth, portals opened me up to receive information and teachings that transformed my life and many others.


We don’t always need to climb a mountain or visit a sacred site to have a sacred journey! You could have a sacred journey in the comfort of your home with your own mind.


Painting this mandala was a sacred journey. Every step, every moment, every dot is done with Conscious Awareness, with Pure Presence and I was able to observe my own mind during that journey. I could see patterns and beliefs there without judgment. I simply witnessed it. This allows me to simply observe. In this space, many insights and clarity from spirit come.


This mandala is an invitation for you to take a sacred journey…. Simply allowing our gaze to focus on the center of the mandala and letting ourselves be taken on a journey can give us insights into our own path and purpose.


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