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“Discover the Art of Conscious Breathing in this Quick & Easy Meditation that will help you To Enjoy Each Now Moment In Your Life... Starting Today!”


Meet Frankey

Frankey is an expert in painting mandalas, spiritual development, influencing, building spiritual businesses, designing, content creation, branding, marketing and selling. She has been authentically supporting and serving her clients for over 15 years.

She has been selling and exhibiting her art of meditation mandala paintings internationally since 2015 and they have transformed many people's lives and environments. Activating their energy across the Earth Grid.

Painting mandalas has been such a profound journey of self-discovery, self-healing, empowerment & transformation for Frankey. It has been a tool for her to train her mind to be in Present Moment Awareness, from this space she has access to an infinite source of Creativity.

Art of Meditation Mandalas share the principles of inter-connectedness and union. They provide us with a continuous reminder of our own relationship to the whole Universe.

In Sanskrit the word mandala means 'circle'. The circle symbolizes the womb of creation. Circles represent wholeness, completion, inclusion, the life cycle, heaven, eternity, and the universe. 

Each Art of Meditation Mandala is hand painted one dot at a time!

Most people buy loads of Himalayan salt lamps, crystals, plants or other energy purification devices – but those who succeed in raising the vibration of their space have an Art of Meditation Mandala…

If you’re like most people, then you’re probably doing whatever you can to keep your space filled with high vibrational healing energy. 

Maybe you are using sage, performing blessings or have crystals at each corner?

Those are all definitely great solutions. All of these things help cleanse energy.

But there’s one little issue….

Energy is kinda like a white sofa that you just cleaned. You don’t clean it once and it is done. You have to maintain that sparkle! People are coming in and out of our space all of the time and that leaves energy imprints. You literally end up clearing your space every day.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

It is so important that we can all feel like we have somewhere that we can surround ourselves with the things that make us feel safe, happy and nourished. As you know, energy is all around us. In every person, in every room. And even though you can’t see it, it’s still there. It is important to protect your sovereignty, sacred space and your aura. It can be pretty expensive when the salt lamps, crystals, sage, grids, pendants etc add up!

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Imagine if you were about to take care of not only your sacred space but to raise the consciousness of your whole neighborhood or town? Would that interest you?

Here’s your answer: Art of Meditation Mandalas are raising the frequencies across the earth grid. Their positive energy is more Powerful than any negative energy they encounter and this Powerful Energy ripples out in every direction for hundreds of miles.

Here Are 3 Good Reasons Why Art of Meditation Mandalas Are The Best Way to Raise the Frequency of Your Space…

Reason 1: Every art of meditation mandala is created with Present Moment Awareness, with intention and they incorporate sacred geometry, colour therapy, music and symbols. We all respond intuitively to symbols and colours – these things reflect deeply innate wisdom. Each mandala take us out of the Mind and into the Heart Mind.

Reason 2: Mandalas can be used as a tool for meditation, a tool for raising consciousness, to gain knowledge from within. When meditated on they can continuously bring profound inner transformation. Opening up your consciousness to the geometric patterns will spark your resonance/remembrance process.

Reason 3: Mandalas are filled with sacred information. They are interdimensional gateways. The mandalas share healing, wisdom and deep clarity. Each mandala is a visual representation of a sound frequency. Their energy is woven into the fabric of the earth grid and assists in raising the consciousness of the whole planet. Each mandala is a seed/a spark/a beacon of positive energy.

You can see there are a whole lot of benefits to having a beautiful art of meditation mandala. And that’s why you’re going to want to commission one today…

Here’s what you get when you order an Art of Meditation Mandala:

A beautiful hand painted mandala (in your chosen size, sealed in resin for long lasting finish). Signed by the artist with a pdf with information about your mandala.

Art of Meditation Mandalas will raise the frequency of your space. Once you give this a try, you won’t ever need energy clearing devices again – guaranteed!

Get in touch for a Free No Obligation Quote Today!

Don’t have a big budget? No problem – payment plans are an option for you.

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What Frankeys customers are saying

Some time ago you created a beautiful work of art for my beloved Stef. It holds pride of place on a wall that I rebuilt with my own hands... A stone wall that was previously a derelict part of an old abandoned farmhouse in Portugal. We live there now... Bringing new life into a neglected paradise. Your artwork rightfully sits where once there was nothing but a fallen down ruin... A possibility, an idea that somehow what was lost could, with enough care, be rebuilt and restored to its pristine origins.

Tonight we illuminated your work of psychic art and celebrated its beauty and honesty. The wall that wasn't there before is now our bedroom wall. Beautiful souls appeared to help recreate this space of love. Stef and I are lso grateful for the love and care you put into her painting. It is like a celebration of her soul. Utterly priceless.

So yeah I just wanted you to feel how much joy, recognition and reconnection your art has given us.

We have been here four years now. In 2017 the fire swept through our newly acquired farm, obliterating everything but also stripping everything back to its bare bones, revealing its structure and its hidden gems - especially a spring that was previously lost, that now provides us with pure living water from which we gain so much life!

Stef fell off a balcony I hadn't finished building and broke her ribs and back. Within 12 months she has largely healed herself and a huge part of that has been through earthing... We now walk barefoot most of the time.

We have planted hundreds of trees and have a dog, Sunshine, who escaped from her prison and found us as a puppy. She is now our pride and joy.

Frankey, I suspect that you will totally get how miraculous life is. Its twists and turns are staggeringly beautiful, sometimes devastating but always so full of promise.

Above all we just want to honour you right now, because you are with us through your art and your heart.

What you do truly makes a difference.

Thank you

Thank you

Gareth & Steph, Portugal 

This is a gift from my mother who passed on May 6th...

My mom gave me some money for Christmas... I held onto it until early 2020... I decided to commission Frankey Craig to do a mandala for me. Long story but it took a few months for the mandala to be completed. My mom passed away May 6... I told Frankey I felt strongly that Mom was sending me one last gift with this mandala.

If anyone knows my mother Iris, they know she was the ‘Penny Lady’... she collected pennies for what she called her Penny Mission fund. People saved their pennies and gave them to her in bagfuls. She donated the money she collected to church charities.

I received my mandala this week from Frankey. I was so excited to see it because I told Frankey I did not want to see it until it was finished because I wanted to be surprised. The first thing I saw as I pulled it out of its packaging was the big copper ‘Penny’ in the center of the mandala. I laughed and cried at the same time... this was so a gift directly from my mom!

Frankey had no idea about the pennies as she was making my mandala. She paid attention to her guidance and the timing was impeccable - my mother was alive when she started and passed away during the making of it. Frankey was tuned into the fact a process was happening that she needed to honor and let it happen in divine timing.

What I know for sure:

- Loved ones who have crossed over communicate and send you gifts from the other side if you are open to paying attention and receiving.

- Love is eternal... My connection with my mom is now in some ways better than ever.

- If you want a super special gift for yourself or someone you love, commission Frankey Craig to do a mandala for you...

Thank you Frankey... I cherish this mandala and the journey with you... You are one gifted loving beam of light!

Jackie Burleson, USA

Frankey, thank you so truly much for the inner Iabyrinth mandala. I was home late last night and waited to hang it today before leaving for work.

In an odd coincidence, I am reading a series about losing pieces of yourself in a twisted kingdom and how things must come in the correct order to be righted. The mandala brings me clarity of why I may have overlooked lol. It is breathtaking and giving.

While my husband was luke warm to the picture, he is quite taken with the mandala in person. I am glad he will find his own connection with it. Thank you. You are generous.

In my husband's words, it is not just a painting or art, it is a powerful portal to another dimension.

Cheryl, USA

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