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The Art of Meditation


A tool for transforming consciousness

“God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”

—Hermes Trismegistus

Thank you for finding your way to me and for your interest in my work.

Painting mandalas has been such a profound journey of self-discovery, self-healing, empowerment & transformation for me. I am delighted to share with you.

Art of Meditation Mandalas share the principles of inter-connectedness and union. They provide us with a continuous reminder of our own relationship to the whole Universe.

In Sanskrit the word mandala means 'circle'. 

The circle symbolizes the womb of creation. 

Circles represent wholeness, completion, inclusion, the life cycle, heaven, eternity, and the universe. 

 There are mandala patterns, designs and structures from the micro to the macro happening throughout the entire greater cosmos.

I began painting mandalas in 2015 and since then many of them have relocated internationally. 

With each year that I travel the path of painting mandalas, I feel myself shifting and blooming. I am evolving all of the time with these amazing geometric patterns.

There is no beginning and there is no end. 

Painting mandalas is a transformative way for me to work. I tune into the NOW, I AM fully Present in the moment and I open as a Creative Channel. 

I feel myself enter a very different vibration when I create. I am so focused, clear, relaxed, patient, trusting and committed. Detached from the thinking mind. 

I direct healing energy into the painting, I perform a blessing over each one and I believe that every mandala is infused with its own medicine.

Around 5 years into painting mandalas I began to hear sound frequencies and number sequences. The sounds I would hear came through as a song that would be meaningful for my client. I tried to figure out what the numbers meant but I couldn't understand. 

Then this began to really evolve into songs and music I had never heard before. 

One day when painting 'Return of the Son' mandala I got a very clear tune in my head that I decided to try and play on my steel tongue drum. The result astounded me. I didn't consider myself a musician and at the same time this music was flowing through me. I realized the numbers I was hearing when I am painting mandalas are a musical scale. The sequences are always using numbers 1 to 7. 

I began to record the numbers and started creating music from there using various instruments and I also started to record all kinds of nature sounds and layer them into the mandala music I created. 

My first meditation mandala music track was born in July 2021! 

Music of the Spheres.

Pythagoras described geometry as visual music and that's exactly how I see mandalas. I am so thrilled that I can now also share their healing sounds with you.

 I am able to produce visual harmony accompanied by its audible sound frequency just for you!

These mandalas are painted with intention and incorporate colour therapy, symbols, geometry, mathematics.

They are a bridge between the higher and lower realms. 

They are interdimensional gateways.

The colours and shapes in each mandala take us into a world of Feeling.

Mandalas can also be used as a tool for meditation, to gain knowledge from within. When meditated on they can continuously bring profound inner transformation.

FOCUS on the centre of the mandala. RELAX your gaze. ALLOW yourself to go on a journey. 

Opening up your consciousness to the geometric patterns, colours, sounds and symbols will spark your resonance/activation/healing process.

The energy of the mandala will activate you for higher states of consciousness in a way that is divine for you. 

Visit the Art of Meditation Full Gallery

If you are interested in commissioning your own healing mandala please contact me using the form below. I will provide a free no obligation quote. 

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