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The Art Of Seeing Workshop

Exciting News for Artists!

The Art Of Seeing is a Virtual & In Person Workshop designed to help you to interpret the symbolism in your art and is facilitated by Frankey Craig. 

Meet Frankey

Frankey Craig is the Creator of Our Psychic Art and has been on a journey for over 15 years raising awareness of Spiritual Development, the Healing Arts and Altered States of Consciousness.

Frankey is a Creative Channel, Healer and a Spiritual Entrepreneur. She has found that creativity has the capacity to guide us to our highest and most authentic self.

Frankey is expert in painting mandalas, spiritual development, influencing networks, building spiritual businesses, designing, content creation, branding, marketing and selling.

Frankey is the founder of Our Psychic Art (the number 1 psychic art website in the world!), The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School and Co Founder of the Oracle School.

She has been authentically supporting and serving her clients and tribe for over 15 years.

This workshop is amazing for anyone who’s intuitive and artistic (all levels welcome) because The Art Of Seeing Workshop is going to help you access your subconscious and understand the language of your art on an even deeper level. It will help you to discover a new way to develop your psychic and mediumship abilities.

Here’s what you’ll learn in just 3 hours:

• You’ll find out how to interpret the symbolism in your art – even if you do not consider yourself very artistic or intuitive.

• You’ll discover powerful tools to help you access your subconscious and build trust.

• You’ll find out what Frankey's best tips and tools are when she wants to ‘read’ artwork – and you will be able to easily apply them to bring new meaning to your creativity.

• Plus much, much more – in just a few hours you’ll get a crash course in creating a beautiful painting that is filled with messages and meaning that you understand. You’ll even get an opportunity to ask Frankey questions and get her feedback. By the time you are done, you’ll know exactly how to interpret your art.

Book your Place Today!

This is a virtual workshop that will be held in zoom so you will need to supply your own materials. If you are local to Fayetteville, NC you are welcome to do this workshop in my studio with me.

Upon booking you will be sent the list of materials, how to prepare and the link to attend the live zoom call. 

Materials Required for this workshop:

  • Choose a size canvas between 8x10 inch to 16x20 inch (Can be stretched canvas or canvas paper. If working with watercolor you can use watercolor paper)
  • Set of paintbrushes (various sizes)
  • Acrylic or Watercolor Paint (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Magenta, White, Black)
  • Spray bottle of Water
  • Gold and Silver Paint Pens
  • Journal or Notepad & Pen

Extras: you will need water for your paint and most likely some paper towel to help clean your brushes. You may also wish to bring soft drawing pencils. 

Includes a copy of video recording. Watch the workshop replay later on, as many times as you want.

Contact [email protected] with any questions you may have.