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Bespoke Ritual Bath Blends

Nature speaks to me. Every plant, flower, tree has consciousness. Everything we need to heal is in nature and she is abundant and always so graceful in her gifts.

I believe in reciprocity. This means I believe in the balance of life. For everything I take from nature, I will leave something to give back.

I always use epsom salt in my bath blends. Our bodies absorb the beneficial properties of salt as well as any other medicinal plants, flowers or oils that are infused in them.

Water is a very important part of healing. Water is Alive, it has Memory, it is Intelligent and Conscious.

Water has the ability to retain “memory” of substances dissolved in it, even when there is a very high dilution factor to the point that no molecule of the substance remains in the solution.

All of my ingredients and intentions are amplified by the water. 

To book your Bespoke Ritual Bath Blend first we will arrange a free video or email consultation so that I can assess your energetic needs.

Once I have established your needs I will create a personalized ritual bath blend with intention and by intuitively selecting organic and ethical ingredients (mostly grown in my own garden). 

Love, care and attention goes into every step of the process.

***Your bathtub can also be your cauldron***

Water has a memory, it carries our intentions and heals us at a cellular level.

Fill up a bath with water, set your intentions and add your personalized ritual bath blend pouch to the tub.

Set the mood by lighting candles and listen to the sound of your breath. Tune into the healing energy and magic of the water.

When you have finished your bath imagine all negativity and blockages have washed off you and watch them go down the drain where they will be given to Mother Earth to transmute to higher light.

Includes: Pouch for One Ritual Bath, Personal Guidance & Instructions.

Bespoke Ritual Bath Blend

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