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Exploring the Shadow

With Circle Guest Bettina Magdalena Colonna from 

Saturday 13th August 2022 at 10AM EST

Greetings SiStar!

You are invited to our Sacred SiStar Circle. There are no hoops to jump through, no credit card required. All you have to do is register using the form below:

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When you are registered you will be included in email update on circle times and dates. If you miss the circle you will be sent the zoom video link to view in  your own time. 

Shadow Work is for SiStars on a journey of Self Love.

Now let me be straight with you…

We all want to feel Self Love. However, we don’t all necessarily want to look at ALL the things holding us back from feeling this.

Many women struggle to love themselves and part of the inner work of self love is to confront our shadows. The shadows are the hidden parts of our Being. It’s the dark side of our personality. The parts we consciously repress or aren’t always aware of.

Does that sound familiar?

Maybe you struggle to communicate your needs and feelings? Perhaps you have anger, sadness or guilt that drains you? Maybe you even see the same patterns happening over and over again in your life?

Shadow work is about deconstructing beliefs and stories that you hold about yourself. This is an invitation to reexamine if these beliefs and stories about yourself are true, nourishing and supportive of who you wish to be today.

End result? This work helps because Light cannot exist without the Dark. To deny either is to live a life of imbalance.

 Exploring our shadow side can give us truly deep insights and transformative opportunities for growth.

The journey of self love is a spiraling path that has only been a dream all this time but it is now within your reach. It’s possible. And it is yours for the taking.

Best of all, you’re getting this experience absolutely FREE!

Ready to take the next step, SiStar?

Join Frankey Craig from ‘Sacred Feminine Priestess Path’ and Circle Guest Bettina Magdalena Colonna from ‘Be Priestess’

Be and Frankey will be sharing shadow work teachings and practical exercises.

Circle is always open for dialogue. We welcome and honor each and every woman's wisdom.

Can’t make the circle? No problem!

Use the sign up form and we will send the video to you afterwards so that you can still benefit from all of the juicy teachings, healing and love. 

Meet Facilitators 

Frankey Craig

Frankey is a Creative Channel and has been cultivating a powerful movement on Earth for spiritual entrepreneurs for almost two decades.

Since 2019 Frankey has been helping women to Remember their true authentic nature, achieve major transformations and create a life they’re truly excited about.

In her life-changing mystery school, Frankey will guide you through many proven ways to unlock Reconnect with the Amazing Woman that you are.

Her Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School will help you to Remember who you are on the fullest, most authentic, most real level without any pressure or time constraints.

This essential mystery school has helped hundreds of women of all ages/cultures/beliefs around the world.

Bettina Magdalena Colonna

Bettina's work is deeply grounded in the land, roots, and healing. She is a heart healer, grid worker, energy clearer, and loves to work with Goddess archetypes, Shadow, Womb Wisdom and Women's Mysteries.

In the course of her life, Bettina (aka 'Be') has become grounded and confident in her powerful body, brilliant mind, firey sensuality, wild sexuality, and her deep inner fire. She offers a Priestess Process which includes Shadow Work, Archetypes, Astrology, Sacred Marriage, and more. These were the keys to unlocking the tower where her strong, Divine Feminine was waiting for the White Knight...who turned out to be herself!

As she learned, healed, and grew, she was apprenticed into a lineage of women healing the World through Temple Arts, Women’s Mysteries, and through the inner knowing that we all carry the cauldron of our own rebirth within us.

The Illuminated Priestess Path led Be away from pain and into a world filled with beauty, magic, and abundance. It can do this for you, too. Be lives every day of her life as a ceremony of gratitude thanks to this amazing process. She walks the Wheel of the Year with wonder.

Bettina is a powerful, authentic, deeply present facilitator, ceremonialist, and ritualist who can hold the safe container as you use the tools, wisdom teachings, and daily practices she shares to craft your own sovereign experience of the Divine and Holy Human you are.

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