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Energy Healing

I believe that YOUR Health IS YOUR Wealth & Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit can bring everyone Wellness.

Through Science, Nature and Spirituality I share pure, safe, effective and organic methods of healing the mind, body and spirit. 

Energy healing is an ancient modality that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and spirit.

When I am doing energy work with you, I am dealing directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your wellness.

Each person's energy is as unique as their fingerprint and thus will require different energies in different places at different times.

My intention is to tune into your subtle body and assess its current energetic requirements. Then I can bring the correct energy flow to the right places that will stimulate your body's natural ability to heal.

I wish to clarify ‘healing’ because it does imply that there is something wrong with you when I actually believe there is nothing wrong with you.

 You are perfect. You just need to remember who you are. 

To me, healing is aligning with our true authentic selves. Unravelling the layers to REMEMBER our purest essence.

I believe that we are more than our thoughts, feelings and the life situation that we are living at the moment. I believe we are all much vaster than that. Our preoccupation with thoughts shrouds us from this sacred knowledge. Our bodies hold this intelligence deep inside their cellular structures and I believe that as we tap into this we begin to align to with the vibration of our True Essence.

Every cell, molecule and atom dances with divine cosmic light energy! Our cells are always producing more light, or photons, and these photons carry information throughout the body's entire energy field.

We are Beings of LIGHT and Light IS Energy.

Energy healing is a way of vibrationally attuning your mind, body and spirit into the frequency of wellness. 





Plant Spirit Experience 

Ritual Bath Blend

 Ritual Tea Blend


Contact Frankey to arrange a Free No Obligation Consultation.

Sessions can be arranged at a distance via Zoom or are done in person if you are located near Fayetteville, NC.

Children, Adults, Animals and Nature can all benefit from Energy Healing.

Contact Frankey

I will endeavor to respond as soon as possible. 

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