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Its all about the journey!

Writing is another facet of how I love to express creativity. 

I have been writing for many years as a tool to help me tap into my intuition and explore my subconscious mind. 

I have published two books since 2013. Arcturian Rainbow Healing and Sacred Feminine Priestess Path. 

Writing has helped me to trust my inner guidance and strengthens the connection to my Higher Self. This is where creativity, inspiration, and ideas flow. 

Meet Frankey

Recent  Journal Entries

Mugwort Plant Medicine Experience

My personal journey meeting the Spirit of Mugwort on a 4-week virtual journey with Sacred Wild Woman.

''Mugwort is a plant that introduces prophetic dreaming and inner wisdom giving you the ability to remember your innate intuition''.

The thing that appealed most to me about doing this journey was the opportunity to work one to one with a plant. Working one to one allows me to really tune into its energy. To really honor the consciousness of the plant, give it Presence, give it time, listen to its wisdom, feel it in my body, allow the connection to unfold organically. 

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Integrating the Sacred Masculine

The soul itself is androgens by nature, however, according to the rule of polarization, each soul has a specific percentage of male and female energy (Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti) regardless of the physical sex of the body or sexual orientation.

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Self Care

''Each year, I have become more in alignment with my truth. I have learnt how to set healthy boundaries. I have learnt how to identify my needs and the needs of others. I have learnt what it is to hold space for myself and other people. I have learnt how to celebrate my mind, my body and my spirit. I have learnt self love''.

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Past Journal Entries


Deconstructing the Body

Highly Empathic

High Strangeness

Highly Suggestible

The Mask

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