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Gateways to the NOW

In Presence I feel deep appreciation for my essence.

In Presence I can feel my essence is strong and gentle. Its calm and inviting. It is wise and innocent. Its depth and circumference is immeasurable. It is eternal, boundless, free and at peace.

Nothing about my essence can be expressed through a story. For the chapters that make up Frankey Craig are merely a small fragment of my experience and nothing to do with my essence, my energy and my unique qualities.

Who I am is not my experiences. Its not my job or any of the roles I play. I am not a WHO anyway! If anything I am a WHAT!

What I am is consciousness playing in this awesome human body and its having a human experience here on Earth which is kind of like one big school.

As I tap into Presence and feel my essence I connect with the part of me that never dies and I AM Free.

My story of 'awakening' to my spirit and energy really begins with meditation. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2008 and my whole body was screaming at me in terrible pain. I was so fatigued and weak that for months on end I did not get out of bed. The doctors prescribed a cocktail of pills that all had side effects and made me feel even worse. I was 26 years old and for the first time in my life I began to question my body and how it works. I also began to look more at holistic health as I was feeling like Western medicine was failing me. The frustration of the body and mind not cooperating truly drove me to learn more. 

I had tried meditation in 2004 when I had slipped disks in my back that flared up. The NHS physio actually gave me a CD 'Meditations for Pain'. I did benefit from that CD and still have it today. This was my only experience of meditation. Purely for pain. 

During the time I was integrating the fibromyalgia diagnosis my parents had both been a part of a meditation group and were practising all kinds of meditations and breathing techniques at home daily as well. I noticed that they started to really shine and they suggested to me that the meditation could really help me too.

They recommended Glenn Harrold and I literally listened to him almost all day long, on and off for a week. I had been feeling subtle shifts in my mood and body each day but after that first week of meditations I was able to get out of bed and slowly but surely it began to really help to shift in into a new awareness of my energy and my inner dialogue. This had a profound effect on my mind, body and spirit. Then it rippled out into the rest of my life.

 I have since explored many different styles of meditation. For me, simply being 'present' creates a conscious awareness that has a direct connection to my essence and to Source. I do this by tuning into my breath, the greatest tool and gift I have. 

Many people say to me ''I can't meditate'' and my response is that EVERYONE can meditate! If you can breathe, you can be Present, you can meditate!

Creating awareness, inviting presence is like a reset button. We train our minds to become the observer of the thoughts and we begin to simply witness them.

I collaborate presence, hypnotherapy, knowledge of the mind, my intuition and my day to day experiences to create Gateways into the NOW.

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