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Psychic Art Master Class

Facilitated by a dynamic duo!

Justine Van De Weg

Founder of  

Jay is an expert in drawing and painting dynamic spiritual art with over 25 years experience.

She has studied the art of dynamic proportions and served many clients in helping them to draw and paint in proportion, create what is in their mind onto canvas and see them deliver beyond their expectations.

Jay has collaborated with many businesses and people by bringing art into their world. She makes painting easy for you. 

Frankey Craig 

Founder of  

Frankey is an expert in spiritual development, influencing, building spiritual businesses, designing, content creation, branding, marketing and selling. She has been authentically supporting her clients for over 15 years.

She has been selling and exhibiting her art of meditation mandala paintings internationally since 2015.

Frankey has also published her own oracle card deck with the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path and runs a virtual mystery school that helps women to embody the teachings. 

About this class

This is a Virtual Master Class for those who seek the space to explore their artistic and psychic abilities.

Jay and Frankey not only guide you through your creativity, they also provide amazing coaching for your own personal and spiritual journey. They have your back covered from every angle.

You will learn step by step in guided live tutorials how to paint spirit, guides and angels with Jays easy, step by step guidance.  

Frankey offers her exclusive spiritual development coaching, helping you to understand your journey, interpret your creations and strengthen your connection to spirit. 

All levels are welcome.

Students Creations!