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Psychic Art 1 Day Workshops

Last Saturday of each month, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Meet Frankey

Frankey Craig is the Creator of Our Psychic Art and has been on a journey for over 15 years raising awareness of Spiritual Development, the Healing Arts and Altered States of Consciousness.

Frankey is a Creative Channel, Healer and a Spiritual Entrepreneur. She has found that creativity has the capacity to guide us to our highest and most authentic self.

Frankey is expert in painting mandalas, spiritual development, influencing networks, building spiritual businesses, designing, content creation, branding, marketing and selling.

Frankey is the founder of Our Psychic Art (the number 1 psychic art website in the world!), The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School and Co Founder of the Oracle School.

She has been authentically supporting and serving her clients and tribe for over 15 years.

Frankey's Profile

Every human is Creative.

Since the beginning of time humans have always been driven to create.

Here at Our Psychic Art we have a love not only for Creative Expression, we also have a love for the world of Spirit. 

We allow our creative and spiritual energy to dance together in divine union.

Creativity has no boundaries or limits and we celebrate every expression.

Not everyone is creative in the same way.

Creativity is one of the most potent energies in the world.

Engaging in any creative process is healing.

Creativity, however it is expressed, has the capacity to guide us to our highest self.

Creativity takes us beyond our own limits and beyond ourselves in a way that can be called spiritual.

The creative process seems to emerge inside of us, from a place of knowing that is difficult to grasp, and yet connects with life and the human experience in incredible ways.

We are all creative Beings.

When we let go of the illusion of control and open to learning, our unique gifts of creativity will flow.

Creativity opens you to Spirit and Spirit gifts us with Creativity. A most Divine Union.

Creativity is a Spiritual Energy.

Creativity is a gift.

Imagination is the Souls Intuition.

At Our Psychic Art we see the value in the Source. 

Intuition is a gift we all have. Some people may have it stronger than others but it is something everyone has.

You don’t need any special super powers or creative ability to be able to begin tapping into your intuition. You simply need the exercises to help you make that connection and the space to practice in.

Through practice and presence anyone can set the intention to create intuitive/psychic art. This kind of art comes with meaningful wisdom, healing, guidance, clarity, insight and so much more.

During these workshops we will explore several different techniques and mediums that can strengthen your connection to your intuition and help you to unlock your creative gifts in a new way.

These workshops have been designed to help you tap into your creative and psychic abilities. These are all simply techniques, tools and tips to help you to explore and find your own key.

You do not need to be an Artist to create psychic art!

All levels are welcome. 

2023 Workshop Schedule 

Workshops are held on last Saturday of each month in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

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Contact Frankey

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Call: 980-925-1791